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Who are we ?

At Medlife Sync, we’ve harnessed the power of specialization and expertise to provide top-tier medical billing services. While based in Sri Lanka, we’ve strategically positioned ourselves to support the expansive healthcare market in the USA. With our dedicated team of trained professionals and specialized software, we cater to a range of healthcare providers, from individual medical practices to tertiary care centers and sub-specialties like pediatrics, orthopedic surgeries, general surgeries, mental health care, and rehabilitation. Our mission is to ensure seamless revenue management for healthcare professionals, allowing them to focus on what they do best: providing exceptional patient care. Welcome to a new era in medical billing excellence.


We're all about simplifying the business of medicine. Our team is fine tuned to render a personalized service that focuses on the business side of medicine, so that our clients can focus on quality patient care.

AAPC Certified Coding

Our Employees are recruited after thorough review of their profiles which includes studying their work experience, the projects they’ve worked on, their proximity to office and their qualification.

HIPPA Compliant

Compliance is the key to our business in every department and is based on the four cornerstone of ethics, values, integrity and respect for consumer privacy. Every one of our employees is educated on the importance of following HIPAA guidelines at the time of induction

24/7 Workforce

We work during your downtime. Our data team verifies visit eligibility, assigns codes for daily visits, records charges and payments. By the time you start your day, all your data entry tasks are complete.

Extensively Trained Staff

We ensure that all employees go through an extensive training course on the process and policies they are expected to work on before they can get started. The employees are tested to make sure that the material is understood by all. Outfitted to meet modern demands of a workplace.

Operational Strategy

At Medlife Sync , achieving operational excellence is a critical component of our success. We prioritize swift onboarding, employ top-tier SLA-driven procedures, emphasize technical proficiency, and place a strong emphasis on automation in our service delivery.


We offer exceptional flexibility. With our team comprising AAPC certified billers with diverse industry and system experience, we can handle virtually any practice on any EMR/EHR/PM platform.

Our Solutions

We provide end to end RCM for:

  • Physician Groups 
  • Hospital Groups 
  • Laboratories 

Verification of Benefits

Medical Coding

Medical Billing

Payment Posting

Denial Management

Accounts Receivable Management

Credit Balance Resolution

Revenue Cycle Reporting

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Asian Headquarter Address

15/1E Kuda Edanda Road, Wattala, Colombo, Sri Lanka